Peer Coaching India Survey I Results

Peer Coaching India Survey I

The following questions were asked from a select few Learning & Development professionals through a survey developed by Peer Coaching India.

S No.                                                      Questions Responses
  A What percentage of your Potential Leaders discuss their challenges with Peers during peer conversations?      76%
  B What percentage of your Potential Leaders arrive at solutions from such peer conversations?      44%
  C What percentage of your Potential Leaders set Goals during such peer conversation?      21%
  D What percentage of your Potential Leaders get support from Peers to follow-through these Goals?       8%

The survey results have been shared with HR leaders and they have the following comments to make:

  • Peers discuss workplace issues on a regular basis more so informally
  • Peers network through social interactions and thus discuss these these issues across workplaces
  • The content of these workplace related discussions is mostly about bosses and company policies
  • These discussions give them a sense of commonality and security that they are not alone in such issues
  • Listening to each other’s issues they find/ get guidance on the solutions to their issues
  • While Peer conversations may provide solutions but Goal setting is minimal due to lack of structure in these conversations
  • Goal setting in these conversations is dependent on the solution seeker and the seriousness of the issue
  • Even when someone sets a Goal and shares it with peer/s he is unlikely to seek support from peer/s
  • Lack of support from peer/ peer group is due to no such expectations from each other
  • Lack of support from each other is because individually everyone has his own list of followups and can barely find time or inclination to support others


The easiest and simplest solution to these issues is to find a Peer Coach for mutual benefit. 

Peer relationships have lasting impact on us and they are long term. These can be used effectively for reaching your goals. Peer Coaches can support each other by following up constructively so that the planned action points are acted upon. Peer Coaches can raise self-awareness by asking questions and help reflect on issues which an executive cannot do alone.

Since peers are almost at the same level of life stages discussions on issues can provide each others solutions.

Coaching is truly self-developmental. Self-development takes time and followups.

Peer Coaching is the solution to most self-developmental and goal-oriented issues at in professional and personal level.