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In my last Coaching workshop, two days ago, I discovered the power of One particular Question,

“What is that One thing, that you want more of, in your life right now?”

Here, the learning is being shared with you.

Ask yourself-

“What is that One thing, that you want more of, in your life right now?”

(give yourself a little time while you write down before reading further)

In the process of identifying this One thing, if you notice, you bring Focus to it.

You become more aware of this One thing around you. You start exploring your experiences, your thoughts, your actions for it.

Let us assume you are constraint with more to do with limited time at hand; so you answer the above question by saying ” I want more time at hand, at work.”

As you bring Focus on Time, you become time-conscious. You avoid time wasters; You bring focus on important activities; You ignore activities that add no productivity or value. You must have heard people say,

“You get more of what you focus on.”

“What you focus on grows!!”

Your focus provides the attention you need to observe.

Asking a question snaps your routine thinking, jolts you to reflect on what is important to you and you want more of it.

That’s the power of this question.

Answering this question at the start of your day, can bring your perspective aligned to what you want to focus on.

Steve Jobs gives credit of his being so focussed to his work at Pixar. Pixar would work on one movie at a time and get to back to making the next movie after the release on the previous one. Steve Jobs learned this at Pixar and likewise focussed on working on one product at a time with Apple. iPad, iPhone, iPod and are the products of Steve Job’s focus.

In continuation to the above question, here’s another question:

In what way are you getting some of it already and from whom/where/how?

Sometimes, in the process of wanting more, we miss to acknowledge what we already have. This question is meant to do just that.

Taking the above example forward, answering to both the question goes something like this:

I want more time at hand at work. Chronologically, I’m spending:

  •   time on mobile/sms/email for work in the morning while I’m still at home/dropping my children for the school bus and similar activities
  •   using mobile for work while driving
  •   about 10 hours at work
  •   communicating about work during lunch time
  •   discussing work while commuting back from work
  •   time on mobile/otherwise for work related conversation
  •   time spent for work related activities during holidays.

As you reflect on the above inputs on how much time you are spending around work, it’ll indicate if you should be asking for more time or should you be managing your time better.

And interestingly, the exploration around this issues, helps you discover that you are probably not spending the required time for personal commitment.

That is the benefit of Coaching conversations and the power of Coaching questions.

As you start exploring one area of your life, you become aware of other areas as well.


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