When I get better at…..


Complete the sentence:

 When I get better at ………………       , I will…………………………………………………………………………………………..

Complete the sentence many times over by keeping the first “fill in the blank” same but adding the benefits it will bring.  For e.g.

When I get better at ..listening attentively…., I will know what my team members have to say about the project;

When I get better at …listening attentively…., I will understand my customers betters;

When I get better at …listening attentively…., I will understand my children’s world better;

and so on.

This exercise was created by noted psychologist and author Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.

The objective of this exercise is to ascertain if the change intend to bring about yourself is worth it.

More the benefits around a proposed change, higher the likelihood of us enduring the pain for the change.  More benefits also mean that the change will impact more areas of our lives.

Marshall Goldsmith has spoken very high of this exercise and used it frequently for his group coaching sessions.

Change is hard for everyone. Even when we know the change will bring numerous benefits, sustaining actions in the direction of change involve breaking old habits.

For instance we all know, physical exercise is good for our health and good health is essential for our productivity at work and for personal achievements.

How many us are able to keep to our plans of exercising regularly? ( Many of my executive friends bought treadmills as the result of one of the action points in their plan which are now serving other purposes at their homes.)

That is where peers can support us!! Peer Coaching is the way to accomplish our resolutions. The key to achieving Goals is in the Follow-up process. Peers follow up and support each other in their Goal Achievement.

Try this and end your year on a high!!!

  •  Sit with one of your peers who needs support on one of his resolutions.
  • Work on the “Complete the sentence exercise”using a resolution.
  • Pick a Resolution that you had set for the year 2013, but didn’t manage to keep up with the plan.
  • Write it down on and pin it publicly. Be it at home or at work.
  • Make an action plan (pick the action plan that already exists) around the Resolution, for the rest of the days (43 days)in the year.
  • Have a Peer follow up with you everyday and see yourself getting closer to your goal.

For e.g. If it it around good health, the action points can be:

  • I will drink 8 glasses of water everyday
  • I will have one apple a day
  • I will not have junk food
  • I will walk for 30 minutes every evening
  • I will not overeat
  • I will not smoke
  • I will brush my teeth before sleeping and so on.

With a Peer Follow up process, you are less likely to falter on your goals. Test before use!!!

Test the process within this year. Start 2014 with a bang.

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