Principal Consultant, Founder, Executive Coach

I Coach experienced leaders so they think thro situations/life more holistically and authentically. Leaders go back more resourceful, aligned and bring their personal best forward. Mid-careers demand a safe space for leaders to have conversations that matter and my coaching provides that so they are able to make better decisions.

I have a corporate background in Global Financial services and IT Solutions organisations. I understand the challenges faced by professionals as they become successful and rise in the complex work environments. I’ve grown from a Hi-potential to a leader in a multi-cultural and competitive environment and understand what it takes to establish a leadership brand & add value to the business, teams and stakeholders.

Coaching is my second profession, as I stepped away from the vertical ladder of growth to pursue my interest in Developmental psychology & Adult development.

When not coaching, I enjoy horse riding, being outdoors and hiking, trekking ; these pretty much unwind me and I can’t ever have enough of these.


We are all Work in Progress. We have amazing strengths , our preferred way of thinking and being. When you Partner with a Coach, you get to optimise strengths.
When we have doubts or are conflicted, we pause for a coaching conversation and the path becomes clearer for the next step forward.

My proudest moments are : Having risked two big career transitions which were then aligned to my core values. These have given me the most joy, a sense of achievement and fulfilment. Looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My work involves:

  • COACHING individuals one on one who are ready to commit meaningfully to their Bold Vision.
    I’m currently enjoying my journey to the next level of coaching credential, Master Certified Coach, MCC.


  • Providing COACH SUPERVISION  to enhance the capacity and capability of practicing coaches: Being a Certified Coach Supervisor, I’m trained and experienced in using supervision models and methods to help coaches discover, “How are they showing up as a coach”. Coaches completing supervision hours can also use their time invested in themselves towards CCEUs also for ICF re-credentialing process.


  • MENTOR COACHING for ICF Core competencies and Skills to meet the ICF credentialing requirements : I’m an ICF Registered Mentor Coach and have been mentoring coaches for their ACC & PCC credentialing journey. I’ve a 100% success rate with coaches receiving credentials and clearing CKA. I’m the Creator and Mentor Coach for the ICF Coach Credentialing program, ” Coaching for Leading thro Change“.



Consider me your partner for a collaborative journey to a bigger and a bolder future.

Sukh Mishraa, PCC, Certified Coach Supervisor


MGSCC Certified Coach, TED Coach


A lot can shift in a conversation when its in a safe, confidential space-

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