Accountability to Self


We are often accountable to others. 

We honour our promises made to our friends and family.

We are loyal customers and make purchases from our favourite stores.

We follow rules and adhere to guidelines of our workplaces.

We are understanding, exhibit restraint and are amenable to our neighbours.


But how Accountable are we to ourselves?

How often do we break promises made to Ourselves?

(I’ll loose weight, start reading, eat well, meditate, speak to  …..)

How often do we adhere to the plans made for achieving goals set for Ourselves?

Are we kind and understanding to Self in setting goals in order to achieve them?

To become more accountable to ourselves, you can form a Peer Coaching partnership with someone you trust.

Because you will be able to hold yourself accountable for goals your Peer Coach knows about.


  • Identify a Peer Coach
  • Share your specific goal
  • Make an action plan
  • Ask your Peer Coach to hold you accountable for action plan

and see yourself progressing towards the goal.