"A Coach takes you where you cannot go by yourself"

“All of us once in a lifetime must engage a coach”, this is what I heard a clients say.

If you need to take a loan to fund it, it’ll be a better decision than buying a Merc with loan .

You don’t have to be doing badly to reach out to a coach (may be an assumption for a few), I’m sure all executives (Eric Schmidt, Steve Bennett, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama to name a few) were doing great but working with a coach made it greater for them.

If you don’t have time for it, delegate/drop/ push a few things on your overcrowded To-Do list. Actually when you work with coach, you’ll create time (we always have time for what we want to do).

A coach creates a safe space for you to be yourself so that you, for sometime, discover and come face to face with your real self, without any labels (mother/VP/Branch Head/father/son/CEO/wife/husband/….) Its’ great to connect with your real-self.

A coach does not judge you, compare you and accepts you as you are and you get to share what you would otherwise not dare to even voice to yourself. (we are all very self-judgmental). The coach will switch on the bulb in that dark room that you’ve not been to or have had no guts to go to.

There will be times when you’ll hate your coach but these may just be the times to take action to move forward. The coach will remain neutral to what you think of him/her and work with you at the cost of looking bad.

A coach will work with your agenda/objectives/ vision/ outcomes and help you clarify it so vividly that you’ll be able to focus on what will get you there and keep you away from your de-railers/distractions.

Talking to a Coach – is liberating (literally- ask someone who’s worked with a coach) because you get to challenge your fears, self-beliefs, assumptions that hold you back and keep you stuck. You’ll be able to Let go of things that are not serving you (Our minds are great at cooking up stories)

Coaching reconnects you with your dreams, aspirations, values and you will feel aligned to your inner being. This alignment quietens inner conflict and guarantees fewer outer conflicts (what percentage of our life is spent on conflicts- in current times with over-communication).

I’ve worked with some great coaches, credentialed and otherwise, you reach out to the one you know or someone who knows one and get started on your coaching journey.

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