Are you Risk Averse? 1


"Avoiding Risk and Playing safe" costs World Champion Vishwanath Anand's his crown.

His game strategy reflected denial about the reality rather than self-awareness.

Anand fell victim to his own self-belief.


1. How Risk Averse are you? 

On the following scale, with Risk Averse being on one end and Risk Keen on the other, rate yourself:


  Risk Keen                                                                                                                           Risk Averse

2. Is being “Risk Averse” costing /rewarding your personal and professional growth?

Find out.

Take a sheet of paper. Draw the following  and list:

“Risk Averse Balance sheet”


Reward                                                                    :                                                                 Cost

Personal Growth

–                                                                          :                                                                     –

–                                                                           :                                                                      –

Professional Growth

–                                                                             :                                                                      –

3. A final check

      Complete the sentence: If I took more risks I ……………………………………………………………….?


To avoid any misunderstanding I must clarify, what I mean by, “Taking Risks” here.

It means:

“Exploring available options and/or looking for them when you want a different outcome.” 

This exploration requires courage and an ability to look beyond your fears. For some it may even require careful assessment of extreme pride (like in case of Vishwanath Anand) due to your achievements so far.

Taking risks takes us to an unchartered territory. A place we have not been before. We are not sure what will it be like, who will we meet, how will we handle it.

We feel a sense of fear, a sense of unknown.

Its like going to a country that has a different language. But we are generally excited. And that excitement overcomes the fears we may have.

If we allow the fear to overcome us, we tend to play safe; tread the familiar path and justify it by saying “At least I know what it is like here!!”

Doing same/similar things will provide similar/same results. It is safe to be in a familiar environment because its a road well travelled and in fact many times by you, yourself.

Familiar environment also breeds complacency.

Peer Coaching help us become Risk smart 

Peer Coaching gives you the power to explore these fears/sense of pride safely with someone who may be quite like you. After all coaching process is about being non-judgemental.

An important aspect of Coaching is, it encourages Self- discovery and raises Self- awareness.

Peer Coaching brings clarity around “your version of reality” – as you tend to create your own reality.

A clear picture is worth a thousand words. 

Peer Coaching Coaching forth your weaknesses and strengths, without intimidating you,  that plays an important role in your Goals and Achievements. It cuts the fuzziness around issues and challenges that tend to blur your vision. Since you coach each other, the coach and the coachee both benefit equally.

Peer Coaching conversations deepen your learning. A Peer Coach has the expertise to challenge you so that you develop the ability to look at areas/options you hadn’t explored before.

Having raised awareness of choice, the Peer Coach helps you move into taking action and supports you in achieving your goals.

Taking risks demands responsibility and accountability. You become answerable because you decided to venture a path less travelled or not travelled at all. Many times this is the very reason you don’t want to take risks. But a Peer Coach holds you accountable and sees you through the transition of uncertainty to awareness.

Some of you might even get miffed reading this article and say, “Aren’t we challenged everyday?. With economic uncertainty, changing business environment, unreliable employment situation, aren’t we living with risks?

Undoubtedly Yes!!

And that is the reason I propose you take, Calculated Risks and make informed decisions.

While you may precisely know what’s happening around your immediate world,(after all we live the information age); it’s important that you assess your reasons of taking fewer/no risks in life.

Speak to your Peer Coach, Get a clear picture of reality, know your strengths, envision your end Goal, explore options and obstacles, make a plan and allow the Coach to help you achieve your Goals.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain


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