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Learn from a practicing PCC Coach

Ready to Invest in the Coach in you??, Take the program that makes you a globally recognised ICF Professional Coach.

Our program is approved by HR Certification Institute for its recognition in the HR community and practice.

Peer Coaching India brings you the Learning and Certification opportunity and you learn from an ICF credentialed PCC and a practicing Coach. The program is delivered online, live and suits all time zone.

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Program split into modules to meet your unique needs:

  1. Coach Training for Associate Certified Coach credential application with Mentoring  USD  1600  ; INR  105000 inclusive of taxes
  2. Coach Training for Professional Certified Coach credential app.  with Mentoring   USD 1600 ; INR  105000 inclusive of taxes
  3. Get mentoring for your ICF credentials and re-credentials    USD 1100 ; special price for only English and French batches
  4. CCEU training for re-credentialing purpose  USD 50 for each CCEU

Write to for information that will help you make the right choice.

Coaching career is for you if:

•you create a safe space for people to share their challenges

•people reach out to you to “Chat up” and bounce off a few ideas

•you have had a rich career with plenty of challenges, successes, failures, and ongoing learning and you want to support others

•have had experiences that have deepened your inner understanding of self and groundedness of a successful coach

•you can Price the value you add to support others in their professional and personal lives


Your key take aways from the program:

•Find your niche to thrive at the coaching career

•Learn to plan coaching engagements, create coaching templates/ forms/ agreements

•Develop coaching mindset that judges less, supports more

•Learn to make coaching all about the client

•Distinguish when to coach or mentor

•How to make your coaching stick with guaranteed and measurable results

•How to initiate and structure a coaching engagement and a session

•Learn to communicate as an effective coach

•At PCC level how to strengthen the Competency 2 for Goal Clarification

•Learn to deploy coaching tools & techniques with different clients and situations

•Learn to identify a un-coachable client and thus bring efficiency in your practice

Program fee details: Registration fee USD 100/INR 5000, adjusted against the program fee; if required ask for part payment schedule;         Pay here


For more information write to

Coaching as a second career

Ask coaches and you will know it is a second career for many.

Finding your niche for a thriving coaching career growth is a must when you choose to practice as a professional coach. A generalist approach to coaching may position you as a coach but may not attract the clients you can serve. People reaching out for coaches have something on their mind that they want to work on which is likely to be a vision /challenge/aspiration/ related to business, career/relationship/a big change/and so on. Thus it is most useful for coaches with this brand new career to identify the niche that will serve them and their clients mutually.

You can sign up for a personalised program with our Mentor Coach for helping you identify your Niche.

Priced at USD 500 for 4 sessions , the investment that will make sure this personalised session will accrue financial and professional rewards.

Coaching Managers grow as Leaders at Workplace

Peter Drucker said, ““The leader of the past was a person who knew how to tell. The leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask.”

Coaching will give you the professional image, growth and success like not other skill.

Since Coaching helps others connect with their core values, challenge their beliefs/helps design the lives they want – it has the maximum impact on employees and accrues most financial returns for organisations.

Developing Coaching competencies takes time, practice, focussed learning and feedback.

If you have been coaching, you may join our Mentor Coaching program to seek feedback on your coaching competencies and skills.

Our program is a learning intervention Coaching mindset, communication, awareness and action orientation.

Organisation wide-HR functions coaching 

HR functions are key to employee development, growth, retention and engagement. With your background in HR specialisation you are apt as a coaching professional. Leadership coaching is meant to support employees in their new roles, roles in transition, organisational change both big and small. You are the preferred professional as a Coach for employees since you are the “Go to” person for HR support.

You can support senior executives, people managers, teams and various functions for professional development and leadership growth on different workplace areas.

 Benefits for the organisations using Workplace Coaching:

•Increase the impact of experiential learning by facilitating Reflection & Action.

•Accelerate learning through role transitions.

•Develop a coaching culture for inclusive growth, learning agility and enhanced self-awareness.

•Support a significant increase in self- responsibilities.

•Retain key leadership talent.

•Improve individual or team performance.

•Align business strategy and talent needs

•Promote transformation, both at an individual and organizational level.

As you complete the program along  with complying with the following submissions to ICF, you will be able to apply to ICF for ACC/PCC credentialing:

• Coaching Log demonstrating 100/500 hours (75/450 paid) of coaching experience with at least 8/25 clients for ACC/PCC application

• Performance evaluation (audio recording and written transcript of coaching session with your application); ACC requires no recording

• Complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

Program Uniqueness

Our program is unique in its coverage of adult change & development theories and principles of lasting change and fulfilment in adults. This coverage deepens the student coach’s knowledge about what helps adults change and whatcomes in the way. This module in a way builds empathy in coaches for the clients they will be working with and treatthem as unique individuals. Coaches, by completing this module are more grounded in their approach with clients.Since awareness is not self correcting, our program establishes the importance of structures, schedules, reporting andtracking progress for effective results in coaching.

Program durations meet coach training hours, conducted as an Online live Classroom interactive program delivered synchronously and/or Face to face.


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ICF is the global body for Credentialing of Coaches and approver of Coaching programs. You are requested to explore the ICF’s website for more information.

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