Mentor Coaching Program

As a young profession, Coaching is new for clients and gets confused with mentoring & counselling.

Even for a few coaches it is new & a second career and thus requires practice, mentoring and feedback. Some coaches take longer than usual to apply for ICF credentialing due to the lack of professional support and the fear of getting judged.

ICF mandates that all credential applicants seek a mentor as professional assistance to achieve and demonstrate the level of competency demanded by the desired credential level.

We believe coaching can make the difference in the world today in facing our challenges.

We also believe in the ICF’s credentialing system and with over 22.000 credentialed coaches in the world today, we want to contribute through mentoring & strengthening the ever expanding coaching base.

Coach Mentoring Program

Pre-requisite:  Coaches having completed their Coach Training for ACC and PCC

How does it work: The program provides group and individual mentoring by two PCC credentialed coaches, Beatrice Melin and Sukh Mishra who are instructor coaches for Coach training program and also mentor Coaches.

Key highlights of the program:

  1. Live coaching for immediate feedback and debrief
  2. Q&A  for ICF credentialing process
  3. Working on the ICF application and file submission
  4. Written feedback on every ICF core competency and suggestions for improvement
  5. Working with Case studies
  6. Recording of coaching practice sessions
  7. Working on recordings to explore areas of improvement in each of the ICF competencies
  8. The structure of the program allows you to receive 12 hours of mentoring against the required 10 hours
  9. Choice of mentoring in English or French language

Program fee: $1100; Program registration fee: $100 for 3 months program; 12 hours

$400 for one month; only for 2 group coaching sessions and one 1 on 1 mentoring session

For coaches preparing for ICF credentialing process and for applying for re-credentialing may reach out for the mandatory 10 hours of Coach mentoring:

  1. 12 hours of coach mentoring- 3 hours individualised plus 9 hours of group coaching – toward your minimum 10 hours requirement for your ACC or PCC application or three-year renewal for ACC’s
  2. review of audio recordings and written feedback on PCC markers

Call 91 9810205483 direct for more information or write to :                                                                                                                                                                         Register for the Coach Mentoring sessions here:


What is Mentor Coaching? 

According to the ICF, Mentor Coaching means: “a credential applicant being coached on their coaching skills for the purpose of using professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency demanded by the desired credential level.

What Mentor Coaching is NOT?

An engagement where the focus is on “ building one’s coaching practice, life balance or other topics unrelated to the development of one’s coaching skill.”

For areas outside the purview of mentor coaching may fall under coaching, mentoring or training and thus can be explored accordingly)

Who is Mentor Coaching for?

Mentor Coaching is an important requirement of the ICF Credentialing process and is vital to the development and growth of the individual seeking an ICF Credential.

Since the focus of Mentor Coaching is to enhance one’s Coaching skills, the following Mentee Coaches will engage a Mentor coach:


The Program facilitators

Beatrice Melin  

Is a senior PCC coach with decades of coaching, coaching supervision and mentoring experience. She has mentored many coaches in their successful journey towards ICF credentialing process.

Sukh Mishra 

Is a PCC coach with years of Corporate & Leadership experience. She has been training coaches for their ICF credentialing process through the program Coaching for Leading through Change

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