Coaching Review to Drive Ahead

Its that time of the year when we take stock of where we are and where we would like to be in the year ahead. Its an activity that involves reflecting on experiences to assimilate learning and reach higher levels of awareness. I’m sharing below a Question based – Coaching exercise I encourage my clients and associates to do as they get ready to step into the new year. If the readers would like to add their inputs to benefit others, they are welcome to do so as comments,

Looking back thro’ the year 2015:

  • If you get to describe the year in 5-7 words to your friends, what would you say?
  • Who are the three individuals you are most grateful to and for what?
  • What deeds/accomplishments are you proud of ?
  • What challenged you in your comfort zone?
  • If someone asked for your advice based on your experience in the year what would you say in just 4 words?
  • If you get to live the year 2015 again but with the learnings from the year gone by, what are the three things you will do differently?
  • What regrets you may have, if any?
  • Who packed your parachute thro the year 2015?
  • What important activities did you invest time in?
  • What were the time wasting activities?
  • What relationships did you invest time in?
  • What occupied your mind the most through the year 2015?
  • Where did you spend the most energy?
  • What activities energised you?
  • What demanded your attention the most?
  • Who are you ready to forgive and move on?
  • What did you enjoy the most through the year?
  • What new activities did you initiate and complete?
  • What held you back in completing important activities?
  • In what ways are “You at the end of year 2015” different from the “Self at the beginning of the year 2015”?

This list is in no way complete or an order you need to follow to answer. You are free to answer fewer questions/modify questions if that’s how you like to answer them. You may even go ahead and share with your associates if it is likely to be beneficial to them.

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