Coaching Supervision

Why Coaching Supervision?

                                                                       We are all human. We cannot see what we cannot see.

Who we are is how we coach/manage/lead

I'm a Coach

Super-Vision offers an opportunity to allow coaches and other people practitioners  to reflect on their client work broadly, transforming their practice through increasing their understanding of themselves, their clients and the organizational and other systems in which their clients operate. It’s also a place to get support.

For practicing coaches, there are times they are stuck as the client do sometimes. The coaches can do better if they step into a safe and confidential space to explore the coaching case.

  • Challenges could be :
    • What do I do next?
    • The client/me is not making progress
    • Am I supporting too much ? or Challenging too much?
    • and so many more…..

Super-Vision is an established Reflective Practice for Leaders and People managers since they are responsible to many careers and business growth. Super-Vision sharpens your vision for what may have become hazy and because of “Over-doing”. It provides a professional, confidential and safe -space to share your challenges, issues related to your work, so that you get back with a lighter head and heart.

Super-Vision rests on  “a working alliance between a supervisor and (supervisee) in which the (supervisee) can offer an account or recording of their work; reflect on it; stretch your thinking;  receive feedback that may not be accessible to you otherwise.

 The object of this alliance is to enable the (supervisee) to gain in ethical competence, confidence and creativity so as to give their best possible service to their clients.

It is a “learning partnership‟  to assists you to:

  • Be effective and empowered in your professional role
  • Prioritise healthy choices and self care within your role
  • Provide ethical, responsible, duty of care to those you offer services to, within the guidelines of your professional code of ethics
  • Be well resourced and networked in your role
  • Become a better professional with a lighter head and heart
  • Maximise your capacity to thrive long term in your role by minimizing burn out or compassion fatigue.

How to prepare for your coach/reflective supervision session?

In advance to your supervision appointment take 10-30 minutes to ask yourself some important questions and to plan for your supervision session. The purpose of this is to organise and prioritise what you want to achieve in the upcoming session. Preparation questions I have found helpful include (Carroll & Gilbert, 2006, p38-39):

  • Are there any crisis/emergency issues you need to talk about?
  • What can you work on to get it out of your way to become more alive & present?
  • Are there any themes emerging for you in your overall work you would like to review in supervision?
  • Are there any organizational/training areas you want to talk about in supervision?
  • What do you want from this session of supervision? For yourself, your clients, your learning?
  • Are there any areas of the supervisory contract/experience you want to review /re-negotiate?

Super-Vision is a safe-space. No-one will judge you or compare you ; You bring your own agenda and work with a trained and certified supervisor.

You can choose between one on one sessions or group supervision which will have 2-4 coaches join in to reflect on their respective work. Group supervision is an affordable way to get supervision and learn from each other’s work.

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