Essential Key to Goal achievement is “Follow Up”


How are you performing on your New Year Resolution/s?

  1. Absolutely on track
  2. Almost on track
  3. Slipped halfway
  4. Slightly on track
  5. Barely on track

Pat yourself on the back if you tick 1 and 2.

If you happen to tickin 3, 4 or 5, means you are already slipping on your resolution action plan, seek support from someone you trust.

Have that person, let’s call him a Peer Coach, follow up with you, without making you feel guilty about not being on track.

Or allow, Peer Coaching India to act as a Peer Coach in following up with you weekly so that you get the push to accomplish your New Year Resolution.

A Peer Coach not only holds you accountable for your goal but also trusts you for your good intentions with goal achievement.

An important key to achieving your New Year Resolution Goal is “Follow up”.perform

Surveys indicate that 70-75% of the New Year Resolutions, slip on progress against the plan by mid- January.

It is not surprising since we may overestimate the power of our good intentions but at the same time underestimate the power of our habits. Habits are hard to establish and break.

And there is no denying that we are all busy with important tasks to be accomplish.

Most executives make a decent enough plan for their New Year Resolutions. Be it reading for 30 minutes everyday, going for a walk for about 15-30 minutes or spending 30-60 minutes with children at home playing a game.

The likelihood of the “Achievement of Goals” is high if and when

  •     the goals are shared with the people around you and
  •     the presence of someone who follows up.

When you share the goal with people around you, you tend to adhere to the plan because you know, people know of your commitment and are observant of you. You tend to exhibit the determination and resolve you have set out for. You may even have some well-wishers encouraging you that indirectly provides the push you need to stick to the plan.

And of course, when you start getting results due to your plan, you get the unmatched impetus that propels you forward.

Having someone follow up with you for your own commitments and plan, holds you accountable for your goal. Assign the responsibility of “Follow up” to a friend/family member/colleague. Ask them to check with you if you are reading/walking/playing/whatever else…. for the committed time period. It is well said, “What gets measured, gets done”.

My personal New Year resolution was to start learning the language French. I made a plan to spend only 15 minutes daily following the planned lessons. And of course I assigned the role of “Follow up” to my daughter. She is my conscious keeper and the Peer Coach. She checks with me once a day to ensure I adhere to the plan.

And I must confess, I’ve moved up the learning curve. “Merci file”  

New Year Resolutions provide for the perfect excuse to let go of the past or start something new. After all, you are moving into a brand new year.

Drop all those thoughts, feelings, memories and habits that are not serving you.

It’s that time of the year when you must Reflect,

Learn from the experiences of 2013 and

Step into 2014 with a renewed Self.


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