Certified Workplace Coach

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Program Starting : Oct’2020


Course Details

The Award and Certified Workplace Coaching Professional are designed for executives seeking to enhance their skills, knowledge and confidence to coach people as part of their working role.
Coaching has become an integral aspect of Next Generation leadership roles and is not restricted to HR domain.
The course commences with a self-assessment of ICF Core Coaching competencies and supports participants as they work towards getting better at these competencies.
This course addresses practical Coaching aspects of a workplace such as Time management and Prioritisation, Feedback vs. Feed forward, Interpersonal effectiveness, Communication, Work-life balance, Leadership presence, and so on for Just-In-Time learning. All Coaching concepts are practiced by participants as buddy coaches and in triads to get feedback from the mentor coach.

Many organisations are engaging Workplace Coaches to optimise organisational performance and engagement.

This course promises to enhance your leadership presence and practices at the workplace.

Course Credentials

The program is approved by International Coach Federation(ICF) for 30 hours of Coach training. You may complete further modules and apply for the first level of credentialing from ICF.

By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish the need for coaching as against other learning interventions
  • Acquire Competencies for being an Effective Coach at work.
  • Establish a solid foundation to Plan & Initiate Coaching Conversations
    with individuals, groups and organisation teams.
  • Transition to a Coach Mindset that judges less, helps more and makes you an effective leader.
  • Account for Guaranteed & Measurable Coach Leadership growth reported by stakeholders.
  • Manage coaching relationships more effectively.
  • Identify ways coaching can be effectively applied in the organization.
  • Set strategies to create a coaching culture.

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Benefits for the organisations considering Workplace Coaching:

  • Increase the impact of experiential learning by facilitating Reflection & Action.
  • Accelerate learning through role transitions.
  • Develop a coaching culture for inclusive growth, learning agility and enhanced self-awareness.
  • Support a significant increase in self- responsibilities.
  • Retain key leadership talent.
  • Improve individual or team performance.
  • Align business strategy and talent needs
  • Promote transformation, both at an individual and organizational level.

The program includes:

  • Each Participant participates in two structured peer coaching sessions (observational for others) focused on practical examples in the workplace.
  • Written feedback for all practice sessions.
  • Active listening and reflection activities.
  • Coaching sessions around coaching effectiveness, feedback, goal setting, and creating a coaching culture.
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