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Coaching is an essential Leadership skill, High in Demand and Commands premium.


Certification Program course approved by:

 ICF, International Coach Federation;

& HRCI, HR Certification Institute

If you are ready to liberate the Coaches in your People managers, Peer Coaching India brings you the Learning & Certification opportunity.

Leaders that “Coach as they  Manage”” show guaranteed, consistently high, measurable results in business growth and people development.

Developing Coaching competencies takes practice, focussed learning and feedback.

Certification Program Details

  • Face-to-Face/Online : 2 days/18.5 hours
  • Program PDF Certification Program in Coaching
  • Customised to meet the learning objectives of your organisation
  • Flexible dates & Duration
  • Weekday and Weekend batches
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Partipant profile

Senior executives, L& D professionals, Business School Professors, Training Managers, Mid-level- Management executives looking forward to developing their Coaching Skills and Competencies. Coaches looking for CCEU’s to maintain their ICF certifications and expand their Coaching mastery.

Certification Program Overview 

Potential Leaders and Professionals at Mid-level-management have discovered that they need to add coaching to their skill set. They know it accelerates their career growth and develops people around them as future leaders. Coaching has proven to:

  • help people develop more rapidly
  • produce more satisfying results,
  • improve others’ ability to set goals and take actions;
  • facilitate better decision making by using their natural strengths.

In this two-day/16.5 hours workshop, the participants will learn the Functions of a successful Professional in the role of a Coach, Coaching Competencies and Workplace Coaching model that outlines a coaching process they can use with individuals, teams, or an entire organisation.                     The workshop brings focus on using Information and Data effectively in the Coaching process, methods of collecting data, making constructive sense out of it, establishing action plans, measuring and tracking results, in order to achieve Coaching goals.

Certification Program Highlights

  • Acquire Competencies for being an Effective Coach at work.
  • A solid foundation to Plan & Initiate Coaching Conversation with individuals, groups and organisation teams.
  • Transition to a Coach Mindset that judges less, helps more and makes you an effective leader.
  • Guaranteed & Measurable Coach Leadership growth reported by participants and his/her stakeholders.
  • Greater Insights into Areas of Strength & Improvement with practical techniques to creating awareness of choices.

 Learning Objectives

After this program the participants will be able to:

  • Practice and Apply coaching competencies in coaching conversations with individuals, teams, or throughout an organization.
  • Establish coaching agreements with clients and identify how goals link to enhanced business performance and personal growth.
  • Promote an open, flexible, and confident coaching relationship with clients and establish mutual respect and trust in a safe, supportive environment
  • Apply coaching ethics and standards appropriately in all coaching situations.
  • Demonstrate Active listening, ask powerful questions, and use effective dialogue and feedback techniques to provide maximum benefit to clients.
  • Integrate & evaluate multiple sources of data for interpretations that help clients achieve agreed upon results.
  • Design actions and opportunities for ongoing learning that will most effectively lead to coaching results.
  • Use PEER Coaching to develop & maintain effective coaching plan with clients and manage ongoing progress
  • Apply Accountability techniques and frameworks to reach the Coaching Goals every time.

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