From my Coaching Practice

Here’s what I’ve learnt from my coaching practice:

  • Have a vision , have dreams for yourself and pursue them to make them happen; when we pursue our dreams, we communicate with clients from a deep sense of authenticity and conviction and it shows;
  • Set goals and as you meet them Celebrate and set new goals and follow the same process – it keeps us moving ahead;
  • There are times when we make a mistake; instead of beating yourself, acknowledge it, maybe there’s learning in there; let it go;
  • We work with clients to support them in moving forward, likewise get a coach you can reach out to – to clarify your thinking, your assumptions, to help us get unstuck- coaches are human after all;
  • When challenged with one particular person, consider it as a mirror, something to reflect on; maybe an opportunity to grow as a person / as a coach – what if we get a client like this!!!
  • Use your intuition and it develops over time; acknowledge it, reflect on it; when in a session take permission from the client to share it;
  • Have fun and if you are not, ask Why? As a coach if we are not having fun,…we are not enjoying in our lives, from what space will we be communicating with our clients??
  • Believe in possibilities, in others and self, it makes us hopeful and it builds trust.
  • Have no judgements, it makes us lighter and cheerful, helps us connect with people better, even work better and we even sleep better

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