How engaged are you at work?

How engaged is your workforce at work?

According to the Gallup’s Global Workplace Report, in India, the engagement levels of employees is as follows:

           ENGAGED               NOT ENGAGED                 ACTIVELY DISENGAGED       

                  9%                                60%                                                  31% 

Engagement level = Commitment level X Discretionary Effort X Intention to stay with an organisation.

How engaged are you at work? 

On a scale of 1-10

  •     What is your level of commitment, both emotional and rational?
  •     How often are your actions and efforts discretionary ?
  •     How likely are you to stay with the organisation?

Ask the same questions to your team members.

Evidently, a very significant contributor towards Employee engagement is the Immediate supervisor, the Manager. The other contributors being the Organisation and the Peers.

While numerous efforts are reportedly being made by organisations to increase engagement levels amongst employees,

is there enough being done at Manager and Peer levels!!

Improving the quality of Manager and Peer Interactions can significantly boost employee engagement levels especially by encouraging the culture of Coaching in the organisation.

Coaching culture and practices promotes Engagement in the following many ways:

  • Increased Emotional commitment towards workplace environment
  • Higher acceptance for Feedback and Guidance towards both peers and managers
  • Higher levels of Trust
  • Reduced Silos within the organisation across levels
  • Openness towards Diversity and Differentiation and thus low resistance to change
  • Shared understanding and commitment of Goals due to open informal channels of communication
  • Effective and Quicker resolution of Conflicts
  • Expanded Collaboration to leverage Collective genius and wisdom of peers and managers
  • Higher Ownership of Actions and Results – both favourable and unfavourable

As we see more organisations with flat structures and thus managers with increased span of control, Coaching is the way forward for both human capital engagement and organisational revenue goal achievement.

What is holding you back if you want to increase employee engagement levels in your organisation?

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