“Journaling” as a Life Coaching Tool


Most, almost all, successful individuals are known to have common practice, “Journaling”.

It is said, “Paper is more patient than the man”!!

Journaling is the act of ” writing down your thoughts, experiences, dreams, fears” on a regular basis. To young children, writing a diary is introduced so that they can capture their experiences and aspirations.

 Benefits of Journaling

  • It allows you to be yourself, you don’t have to watch out for looking good;
  • It feels safe, that no one is judging you;
  • It provides an unbiased, non-threatening platform to “empty your cup”;
  • You can write your closest secrets, feelings and feel no threat to privacy;
  • Getting the stuff out of your system by writing, provides clarity;
  • Writing down your Goals in the journal provides you the push needed to accomplish them;
  • Reflecting on the positives in the journal offers perspective change for situations around you.

Journaling as a Coaching Tool

Journaling is recommended by many Coaches as a Coaching Tool also. Coachees are advised to journal their thoughts so that they can get the clarity they need to move ahead. It is said that your mind gets 60,000 thoughts in a day and most of these thoughts are repeat thoughts. Once we provide these thoughts an exit point by journaling, it’ll allow new and fresh thoughts to emerge. The repeat thoughts are the cause for fuzziness around ideas. New ideas get enmeshed with old repeat thoughts and make it difficult to think clearly.

Journaling provides a safe opportunity for reflection. Reflection gives insights which can help change happen. For Change to get initiated, an individual must feel safe to test it and journaling provides just that.

Journaling as a Self- Coaching Tool

It’s great to have a coach you can work with. It’s even better when you have a Peer Coach. In the absence of a Coach but with a basic understanding of “How Coaching works”, Journaling can work as a Self-Coaching Tool. Self- Coaching provides you insights but you must be focussed and aware of when you capture these insights. I call them “Connecting the Dots” . Connecting Awareness with Insights can help in listing Action Points for a given Goal.

Peer Coaching India has developed a Self- Coaching Journal for its clients. A worksheet of the Self- Coaching Journal is being provided for readers.

This in response to the participants request in yesterday’s workshop on Executive Coaching Skills -Foundation Course .

You may also download it with a click here: