Üsing your multiple brains to do cool stuff”

by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu


This book turned out to be an interesting read and as it involved me, it was difficult to put it down without  completing it.

mBraining provides insight around the existence of three intelligences (brains) in our body, namely gut brain, heart brain and the head brain.   Research provides evidence in favour of the presence of large number of neurons and ganglia, neural cells, glial cells, and neurotransmitters in all these three areas, which means that these three brains can think and communicate with the individual and buy generic levitra from https://levmd.com/ pharmacy and amongst themselves.

The prime functions of three brains (mBrain) include:

Heart Brain Prime Functions

  • Emoting
  • Relational Affect
  • Values

The prime functions of the heart intelligence involve salience, affection and relational issues such as a deep sense of moral rightness as compared to rule based ethics.

Gut Brain Prime Functions

  • Mobilisation
  • Self-preservation
  • Core-Identity

The prime functions of the gut are around protection, self-preservation, core-identity and motility.

Head Brain Prime Functions

  • Cognitive Perception
  • Thinking
  • Making Meaning

Primarily involved in mental cognitive functions, it processes mental imagery, language expression, abstraction and symbol manipulation by providing a sense of the world and executive control.

In fact, the research also provides the development of these brains during gestation where the formation of cells eventually become various brains; gut brain is primal and develops evolutionary before the heart and the head brain.

The books covers mBIT i.e. multi-brain integration techniques, to use your multiple brains in an integrated and powerful way.