Relationships@work Study by Linkedin

According to the recent Linkedin Global Relationship@ work Study, Peer relationships are key to happiness and success for Millennials at work. Coaching for relationships drives immense learning from this study. According to the Study respondents, their relationships with colleagues have positive impact in the following ways:

  • 45% said they are more productive at work performance
  • 62% said they feel happy
  • 56% said they are motivated
  • 45% felt safe in confiding in a colleague than a friend/partner
  • 56% felt open to sharing relationship advice with a work colleague
  • 35% of the Indian respondents said, “Their closest colleagues understand them better than their partners.

Isn’t it time for us to draw benefit from these informal relationships to support each other’s personal and professional growth?
Peer Coaching India works in this space to encourage and provide support for Peers at work to become Peer Coaches and partner for mutual growth.

Peer Coaching is the way forward for initiating leadership development.

You get a Coach and get to Coach, even when you are at a management level that does not have access to executive coaching

We have dearth of leaders at all levels in the corporate world. 

All HR and L&D decisions makers can set the ball rolling in this direction that expands and strengthens the leadership pipeline in their organisations.

Peer relationships are under-utilised even when they have huge potential to bring out the best in people at work.
With flat organisation structures, managers with large span of control and focus on self-learning, Peer Coaching is the way forward for leadership development. Relationship coaching draws immense learning from this study.

Coaches at Peer coaching India will help you initiate this change : Contact; Call 91 9810205483


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