Take Stock of your 2017 goals

It has started happening. People talking about how “close to/way off” they are with their year ‘2017 goals/resolutions. Depending on where they are, you see different emotions as well, guilt, self-judgement, joy, sense of achievement, hopelessness, embarrassment and so on.

You may be now trying to recall/revisit your goals/resolution.

That’s what encouraged me to write this post. This post may not be relevant to “intentional procrastinators”.

Some people are kicked with their progress; a few on their way but need a push and still a few others who need to literally jump.

This post is likely to be relevant to people in the “push” and “Jump” category.

We’ve all been in all such phases in different times in our life so we have figured out a way to “deal with” such goals/resolutions:

“I’ve had too many commitments this year’

“ I’d committed to too many resolutions”

“ It’s not that important….”

“I never anyway manage to achieve NY resolutions”

“NY resolutions are a passe”

“ NY resolutions are…..


“You know…….”

I’m sure you are aware of 80:20 rule but here’s how I would like to fit it here.

“80% of the goal is achieved in the last 20% of the time commitment.”

Going by the 4 months (over 30%) still left in 2017, you still have a big fat chance that you can reach your 2017 resolutions.

Here are a few Self-Reflection questions in an order you may consider not only to achieve your 2017 resolution but also to reflect on your own goal/resolution setting process.

The outcome: You may not have to work on that 2017 resolution at all.

Hope you find it useful when you use it.

  1. How important is it for you to achieve that resolution/goal on a scale of 1-10?
  2. What would happen when you achieve that goal? How will that make you feel?
  3. What happens if you don’t achieve that goal?

Note: Observe what you get out as answers to 2 and 3 above – it will shine light on “if the goal is worth it”

If not, why do it??, May be that’s why your inner wisdom is not supporting you in getting this done; May be its time to pick another goal.

     4. What makes it important for you to achieve that goal? (This may answer the question in italics above , “If not, why do it??)

      5. What makes it meaningful?

      6. In what way achieving this goal is a way you honour your values?

For e.g. I have a client who pushed herself training for marathons and struggled big time, with multiple issues and finally made it running marathons many times over. She had always seen herself as someone who’s run marathons and if she didn’t she would feel inauthentic to herself.

It’s said, what get measured gets done, so where are right now for the what you resolved and committed to achieve on a scale of 1-10.


        7. How much of your goal have you already achieved and what would being at a10 look like? Describe it.

        8. What are you ready to do to get to your goal?

        9.  What can you Start – Stop – Continue doing?

       10. What will come in the way?

        11. How will you deal with “What will come in your way?”

        12. How will you measure progress? for e.g. weight related progress can be measured with a scale,  behaviour related progress can be  

             measured with feedback from people around you, getting things done can be measured with checklists…. have a measure, it always   


       13. Who can you use as Accountability partner?

                 Its ok to seek help/ have someone push you/hold you accountable/ track your progress.

                 You can return that favour to someone like you/friend/family member.

Wish you the best on your 2017 goals achievement in advance. I’m sure you can do it if its important to you.

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