Here are a few verbatim testimonials from executives who’ve been in the professional coaching engagements:

“I have been working with Sukh as my leadership coach for the past 5 months. During that time, Sukh has been instrumental in helping me navigate establishing my leadership presence across the VP level at my organisation. Meeting with her weekly, she has been able to identify approaches I could utilize in developing stronger networks with my peers as well. Applying her recommendations, I have been able to lead many projects requiring collaboration between teams while everyone is working remotely. Through my sessions, I have learned that I have a voice needing to be heard and my leadership is valued among senior leaders. My mid year review was full of statements of increased levels of demonstrated leadership presence. I know, in part, it is because I’ve done the work. But it was through her weekly coaching and identifying an area to focus on the next week, the continuous step forward, that has made me successful this year.

Sukh has helped me re-focus on my strengths and weaknesses and opened conversations which I would
never have had with regards to my professional development. Before I started the program, I was
feeling a little lost as I found myself in a standstill with no near career progression in sight.
In the course of the 6 months, Sukh has helped me identify my purpose in my organization and look past
the fact that my current job is just part of a milestone to a longer career ahead. She has effectively
helped me focus on things which I can control and work on and let go of noises which could just be part
and parcel of the job.
With her coaching, I have rediscovered my passion for my job and am able to see clearly my purpose
within the organization. I also find myself having grown as a people’s leader and am more confident in
assuming the role as a coach for my direct report which I must say is one of the most rewarding thing for
me in our coaching.
“Sukh had a way of making me come-up with my own ideas and even when she suggested tools she made me think through how I would adapt them for myself giving me confidence and ownership in my own development. From the get go on our first conversation, I already felt like I was in charge of my journey and felt optimistic that I could grow.”

“I felt that Sukh really cared about my progress. She was very thoughtfully and ‘there for me’.”

“I chose for each session a real issue that was generating stress in my life. Sukh helped me to understand where they were coming from and we worked on finding solutions. Every time, our discussion had a great impact on how I experienced my life, she helped me to respond in alignment with my values.”