Here are a few verbatim testimonials from executives who have either attended the coach training program and/or been in the executive coaching engagement:

“Sukh had a way of making me come-up with my own ideas and even when she suggested tools she made me think through how I would adapt them for myself giving me confidence and ownership in my own development. From the get go on our first conversation, I already felt like I was in charge of my journey and felt optimistic that I could grow. “……..an International Coach Client.

“Very conscious about the questions I’m asking.  I’d ask a lot of question before the program too, however now I ask empathetic questions, sometimes no questions. I manage to maintain silence, when it’s required, And not scared of the complete silence. Helped me become a better coach”……L&D manager of a large corporate

“So much of learning, I would suggest everyone to attend with an open mind, without judging or evaluating “whether this coaching will work or not”. Judging, complaining, criticizing Vs  genuinely thinking of helping others to succed – choice is within us. We rise by helping others”….Training Head of a large corporate attended the program with his team.

“We reached an “A-Ha” moment somewhere close to our fourth check-in where I found a strategy to use to boost my confidence in specific areas we had talked about and take charge. It’s a tool i’m still utilising today and I can see the difference and the effect it has had on me and those around me. I’m really grateful and feel lucky to have been connected to her”……an International Coach Client

” I felt that Sukh really cared about my process. She would send me some emails in between the sessions, which made me feel that she really cared about my progress. She was very thoughtfully and ‘there for me’. She is also very flexible person, she would adapt to my working hours and would be very understandable.”…an international client

“I still continue to regularly be approached by people for advice, with a big change that now I try to understand them & help them find their own way. The result is it is far more meaningful for them.”…..Start up/Entrepreneur Consultant

“Don’t look at this course as a way to benefit yourself or add to your CV / skillset. Look at this course as a way to learn how to help everyone you interact with… benefits will arise from that but self-benefit is not the goal.”……PEER Coach completed the program

“One change that I have observed in myself is that I have now been a better coach / leader by improving my listening skill and also the ladder of inference can help our clients slow down their thinking long enough to reflect on their reasoning and the effect their choices have on themselves and others. As a coach our goal is to motivate people and help them succeed in whatever they want to accomplish. This program’s does facilities such effective & structured framework….” Señior VP L&D Head completed the program with team.

“I chose for each session a real issue that was generating stress in my life. Sukh helped me to understand where they were coming from and we worked on finding solutions. Every time, our discussion had a great impact on how I experienced my life, she helped me to respond in alignment with my values”……a coaching client in transition

“The PEER Coaching module was an excellent one to begin my coaching practice and the support and encouragement offered by Sukh even post completing the course was marvelous. I learnt the effective  way to structure a coaching session and concepts of coaching conversations. I’ve become a better listener. Learned to avoid being prescriptive and allow the coachee to arrive at their own solutions. To become aware of my own biases whilst working with a client and how they may impact the way I approach a coaching assignment…..a senior training professional learning to be a coach.