Organisations are making coaching accessible to their people in many different ways. Here are few of them:

  • Retain a Coach

Engage a Coach for 9-12 months and get the a range of coaching solutions. The Coach will support your organisation’s leadership development and change initiatives. The Coach will coach executives, conduct group coaching sessions, build coaching competencies in executives and train executives to become ICF credentialed coaches.

  • Give your employees- Access to an Online Coach

Reward your employees uniquely by giving them access to a Coach online.

  • Performance Coaching

Have a Coach support your organisational performance & feedback communications. Coach approach to performance feedback is focused on learnings from experiences, getting clarity around reality and the employee’s vision for an improved future for self and the organisation.

  • IDP Coach

Coach approach to Individual Development Plan supports employees in framing a plan that is realiistic, SMART and more likely to achieve results

  • Team Coaching

Coaching the Team for the unified goals that they must deliver on. Coach helps the team members envision future, align values.

  • Enhance Coaching Skills and Competencies

The ICF credentialed Coach works with executives to enhance Coaching competencies and skills, gives feedback regularly and thus turns them into Leaders that Coach.

  • Executives – ICF credentialed Coach

HR, L&D and Training community within organisation wanting to turn Coaches and trained to be become ICF Credentialed Coaches

  • Virtual Coach

Give your workforce a Virtual Coach so that they can think better, bounce off ideas, have insightful conversations, manage stress better, create a better work-life perspective

  • Each One Coach One

All of us cannot afford an Executive Coach.

So why not have” Each One Coach One“.

We turn Employees into “Peer Coaches” and thus improve the quality of conversations within organisations.

Executives enhance their Coaching skills and competencies and support each other in their professional and personal development.

  • Peer Group Coaching

Group sizes of 4-6 are executives form a peer groups at workplace to conduct Peer Group Coaching.

The group is a diverse group from different parts of the organisation who schedule planned sessions for coaching on problem solving, transitions, changes, challenges like work-life balance and reaching other organisational goals.

The facilitator, who is a certified Coach takes them through the process of identifying their Goals and the Coaching roadmap in order to identify Action steps, Planning, Commitment and Accountability.

The Facilitator Coach trains participants to Self conduct Group Peer Coaching sessions by demonstrating the skills required and observes a few sessions till they are up the learning curve through a series of Feedback sessions.

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