What would you prefer?

An enemy that is Visible or an enemy that remains in the hiding and you Cannot see.

Of course, Visible because it is far easier to fight than one that hides well.

Even as a Coach, I walked the path to discover my enemy today as I made a Self-assessment on my Saboteurs.

Saboteurs are a set of automatic and habitual mind patterns, each with its own voice, beliefs, and assumptions that work against our best interest for e.g. Anxiety, Anger, Regret, Blame and so on.

The counterpart of Saboteurs is the Sage. Your Sage has access to your wisdom, deeper insights, and often untapped mental powers.

So, when your mind is being your best friend, it is because the Sage has taken charge for instance, Curiosity, Joy, Gratitude, Creativity and so on.

Very interestingly, the same mind Saboteurs and Sage are fuelled by different regions of the brain and can be weakened or strengthened depending upon which region in activated.

Without going further to explain, I encourage everyone reading this blog to step up to the challenge to discover “Who is your Saboteur “  at the following link: http://positiveintelligence.com/assessments/

Its a free assessment and worth your time and I promise you will not regret it.

I also recommend you to see the video (link provided below) by the creator of this concept, Shirzad Chamine who is the author of the book Positive Intelligence.   https://vimeo.com/95450569

As you discover your Saboteurs,  apply the 10 seconds principle and step towards your Sages.

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