Which is a better question?

Which is a better question? 

A. What is holding you back from achieving your goal?


B. Why are you not able to achieve your goal?

Question A:

  • Encourages you to look at that “something” which is coming in your way of achieving your goal. 
  • It suggests you to identify that “something” that is holding you back.
  • The question invites you make an “inquiry” into the situation to objectively find that something.
  • It seems solution oriented.

Question B:

  • Sees you as part of the problem.
  • It even goes to the extent of questioning your ability in achieving your goal. It seems to suggest that there is something “wrong” in you that is not allowing you to achieve your goal.
  • “Why” also appears to be finding fault.
  • It seems to be asking for an explanation which may knock anyone’s ego.


Question A is a Coaching question. 

When you pose question A as against B, it opens the world of possibilities.

So, what is holding you back from achieving your goal/ reaching your new year resolution?

Is this roadblock:

        Internal – related to you (for e.g. your habits/mindset/lifestyle/knowledge…) 

        External – related to other people/situations/facilities/tools etc.)

Spend 10 minutes of focussed and undivided attention to the question above. Be honest and have the courage to explore under the surface.

You’ll find a solution only when you identify the right problem/roadblock.


As promised, your Peer Coach will follow up next week to get you closer to your goal.

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